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Bankruptcy & Debt Defense

We are a boutique sized legal firm, which believe consumers deserve fair and affordable legal representation. Our size ensures that you will always receive one-on-one treatment with a highly qualified attorney. We understand the duress and anxiety individuals face when dealing with overwhelming debt. During your toughest times, we stand by you. Our goal is to help you eliminate unmanageable debt and to get a fresh start. Our continued success is a testament to the level of service we provide our clients. We are accessible, dedicated, and very affordable.

We Specialize in Protecting Consumers

Consumer debt and the protection afforded under state and federal laws is very complex; as such, it requires very specialized knowledge to provide the best legal representation. When collecting debts, original creditors and debt collectors commonly violate your rights, sometimes intentionally and sometimes without knowing it. It is important that borrowers understand their rights when collection activities arise. We help protect the rights of consumers.

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